Expansion Series 8: San Francisco

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, every die-hard sports fan has missed out on some key events that otherwise would have occurred.

The possibility of not having a football season (college or professional) has me pinching myself to make sure that I’m not living in a dream. In an uncertain time in the sports world, it’s perfectly normal to let the mind wander when thinking about hypotheticals that otherwise would never happen.

Sports is what brings us all together, and one thing that every sports fan has in common is that the player, team, or coach that they cheer for represents something unique to them. The majority of fans resonate with a team regionally, and mainly reside locally. That being said, I will dive into each region that is craving a major sports team.

Going even further in Northern California, San Francisco has an incredibly fortuitous history of sports.

Beginning with football, the 49ers saw themselves in a bit of a haze after the departure of Colin Kaepernick, and the backlash of how the NFL dealt with that complex situation that is still discussed years later.

On the brighter side, Jimmy Garappolo and George Kittle helped lead the 49ers to a shot at winning the Super Bowl last season. Given that this team is currently very young, very hungry, and very talented, other teams in the division are left with a looming fear that this team will be problematic for years to come.

Nevertheless, San Francisco’s passion is staying for good not only for football but for basketball and baseball as well.

The Golden State Warriors had a reigning empire in the NBA for several years with regular season and postseason records rivaling the impressive run held by the Bulls in the nineties. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson still have unfinished business in the West despite their season disrupting injuries last season.

On the topic of Curry, some regard him as an individual who changed the nature of the game in that even the big men who would normally find themselves underneath the hoop are trying to prosper behind the arc. Along with changing the game, he also revived the energy of the fandom behind the team and the tickets have been sold out since, regardless if he is present on the court or not.

Shifting towards baseball, the Giants began the 2010’s as a powerhouse and succeeded with three World Series championships in the first half of the decade and have maintained a reputation of having a roster of power hitters and a strong pitching staff.

Before I dive into the hockey scene that, in my opinion, is the only thing missing is from this city, is a reference to the San Francisco Demons, which was another team in the original XFL in 2001.

The only hockey history that the city by the bay has is shockingly brief. The San Francisco Spiders of the IHL operated for one season and one season only.

Is the interest in hockey simply non-existent? There is only one way to find out.

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