Fear the Sox

No, not the other Sox…

Recently, the Chicago White Sox have been true to their name— white hot. At the time of writing this post on August 30, they are in second place in the AL Central, behind the Cleveland Indians by one game. This dominance harkens back to 2005, when Paul Konerko led the team to a World Series sweep against the Houston Astros (then in the National League).

An overpoweringly deep lineup, paired with an above-average rotation is always a recipe for success. One difference from 2005 however, is that the core of young blood on the team is under contract for the next few years, so they can only improve with key players.

Just last week, the Sox broke the MLB record for the most home runs in a 7-day span (Elias Sports Bureau).

The prolific Tim Anderson has been marketed as the AL Central’s star for a few seasons now, and he is finally filling that mold. Through 97 ABs, he is hitting an average of .361 with a staggering 1.048 OPS. To compliment that stat, he has been a catalyst in the lineup with 26 Rs. With only TWO errors on the season through 195 innings, he is assuming stardom with ease on both sides.

Slimmed down, Jose Abreu has found quite a bit of success this season, with a 2.0 WAR. Abreu dropped 12 HRs, driven in 30 RBIs, and has even scored 23 Rs. He has the second-highest OPS on the team at 1.006, behind Anderson.

Additionally, the young Yoan Moncada has been very versatile, appearing all across the infield. While his 2020 offensive stats are slightly below his career averages, his defensive modularity has been key to the Sox.

The bread is in the Sox’s outfield though… A core of Eloy Jimenez, Luis Robert, and Nomar Mazara produces many of their offensive output. Eloy and Robert have 11 and 8 HRs on the season respectively.

Luis Robert has bona fide GROWN MAN POWER!

The Sox also sneakily have the best platoon of catchers (in the entire league) behind the dish– both Yasmani Grandal and James McCann would each be the everyday catchers on contending teams. Yas is the third-best catcher (both offensively and defensively), and McCann has a case to break the top-ten.

While it is not their greatest asset, the starting rotation of Giolito, Keuchel, Cease, Gio Gonzalez, and Lopez has bite. The first three in the rotation all have sub-3.00 ERA.

Foster and Colome coming out of the ‘pen is the kiss of death for opposing teams. With a 1.23 and 0.79 ERA respectively, they have been lights-out.

With the surging Slam Diego Padres looming over the Dodgers, the race to the World Series is becoming a little muddier. The Yankees have been hampered with injuries, and they suddenly seem vulnerable in the big picture. The White Sox could be the world-beaters in the AL at least, and they might be the ones to topple the apparent kings in the Bronx.

Slugging White Sox could be ready to eclipse Cubs in Chicago