Expansion Series 9: Kansas City

The next region I want to dive into is somewhat tricky, and I think the best way to discuss the state of Missouri would be starting with the home of the current Super Bowl champions: Kansas City.

KC is an area that is dominated primarily by the SEC and college sports… Nevertheless, the spotlight of the NFL has never been higher in Kansas City than it is right now, and it wouldn’t be the craziest thing in the world to expect a dynasty to begin as long as Patrick Mahomes is in the driver’s seat.

The offensive and defensive weapons that veteran coach Andy Reid has been given were speculated to be on the brink of a long-standing dominance, and now that they have proven battle-tested in the biggest game of the season and came away as champions, I would imagine that a lot of other NFL franchises are going back to the drawing board to try and combat the Chiefs.

Shifting focus to baseball, the Kansas City Royals tell a much different story. The Royals were World Series champions in 2015, but not much else has been positive since then, especially since the loss of their all-star infielder Mike Moustakas.

Where the Kansas City story gets tricky is when it comes to basketball. The closest team of interest with professional basketball would be the Oklahoma City Thunder, but this would be considered a locational stretch by any means. If a basketball team was extended to KC, it would be reasonable that there could be a considerable fan following. There is no record of a basketball team that called KC home, but that may be due in part to the Thunder.

The same story could apply even more so for a professional hockey team. The brief NHL history of Kansas City lies with the Kansas City Scouts, a former professional hockey team that only saw two years before relocating. The city also had the Blades (1990-2001) of the IHL and the Outlaws (2004-2005) of the UHL before the Kansas City Mavericks of the ECHL were founded in 2009.

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