Why The Patriots’ Next QB is Primed for Success

From a Patriots fan’s perspective, the mutual decision to move on from Tom Brady felt like a bad breakup with your high school crush. The GOAT played his entire twenty-year career with the New England Patriots, where he was symbiotically paired with the greatest coach of all time.

The relationship visibly soured, as arguments between Brady and the coaching staff and teammates became a typical Sunday. Even with tensions running abnormally high in the Patriots locker room, it still seems inconceivable that Brady would set out to search for greener pastures elsewhere.

The climate brought upon the 2020 season by COVID-19 could perpetuate this notion that there truly was a disconnect between Brady and his young receivers last season. This also may ring a bit more true than the fanbase’s favorite narrative of “oh Tommy’s too old” or “Tommy can’t throw the longball anymore” as the reason why he was not re-signed.

The Patriots, as a team, could be better off with transitioning to Jarrett Stidham this season than they would in another year with the GOAT.

One doesn’t need to speculate on the benefits of having crowds attend games. Having home crowd noise is an undoubtedly big part of a game; so much that the Falcons were fined for pumping in artificial crowd noise during games in 2015.

The likelihood of playing the 2020 NFL season without fans is becoming more realistic by the day, but the lack of noise can help some players establish a rapport with their teammates. Young players in particular will be able to settle with a given team’s offensive schemes and packages quicker.

Establishing communication with a new offense in a sterile environment can only work in Jarrett Stidham’s favor. Having the sport in its purest form as a young player can open up avenues for communication, and can allow for a clean exchange after the snap.

While he isn’t Tom Brady, Stidham can be a sufficient pocket passer. Having a good defense can cover up some offensive blemishes, but having strong communication needs to be a tenant of an effective offensive plan. Some young blood at the QB position can open up the offense. Although Brady seemed to struggle with communication with his young receivers in 2019, a fresh start with a young QB can make a huge difference for the 2020 season.

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