Expansion Series 6: Baltimore

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, every die-hard sports fan has missed out on some key events that otherwise would have occurred.

The possibility of not having a football season (college or professional) has me pinching myself to make sure that I’m not living in a dream. In an uncertain time in the sports world, it’s perfectly normal to let the mind wander when thinking about hypotheticals that otherwise would never happen.

Sports is what brings us all together, and one thing that every sports fan has in common is that the player, team, or coach that they cheer for represents something unique to them. The majority of fans resonate with a team regionally, and mainly reside locally. That being said, I will dive into each region that is craving a major sports team.

Baltimore is another city that has some potential for growth, but the majority of baseball and hockey fans cheer for the teams nearby in Washington D.C.

I say the more the merrier, and teams in close proximity have been known to forge great rivalries, i.e. New York against Boston. Given that Lamar Jackson was the youngest player to ever win the league MVP as well as being one of the most versatile quarterbacks the league has ever seen, let alone the entire league, this stroke of good fortune has certainly taken the eyeballs off of the misfortunate orioles.

The Baltimore Orioles have been significantly low performers in the last few years, trading away what little they had for prospects and seeing a steep decline in ticket sales. Regarding my earlier statement, the Baltimore area has not seen a local hockey team since the Baltimore Skipjacks, Baltimore Clippers and the Baltimore Bandits, which were members of a variety of different minor league associations until both were dissolved.

The story in regards to a history of Baltimore professional or even semi-professional basketball is even less prolific, but the Maryland Terrapins Division I basketball team has been a consistent powerhouse in the Big 10 conference.

In these strange times with an even foggier path going forward, Baltimore could benefit from another team to support. For more in this series, read why Las Vegas, Buffalo, Indianapolis, Houston and New Orleans also in need of expansion teams.

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